Altered Coin Roll Tag Book


Coin Rolls (Wal-Mart) (Quarter size)
Card stock – several pieces
Adhesive (Xyron)
Metal Rim Tags (Wal-Mart)
Loose Leaf Rings
Distress Ink (vintage paper or black soot)
Eyelet or hole re-enforcer
Embellishments of choice
Antiquing medium of choice (walnut ink, coffee mix, brown paste shoe polish)


Hole punch/crop-a-dile
Paper trimmer
Computer/graphics program/graphics

1. Take coin rolls and unroll the curled under end. Lay on flat surface and press flat, use a bone folder or small ruler to make the edge crease sharp. Iron your flattened coin roll. (I use a low setting and put a dish towel over it, press until flat).

2. Antique your coin roll. Distress ink the edges if you wish. Set antiqued coin roll aside to dry.

3. On your computer open the graphics program you use and make a box shape 3.25” W x 1.25” H. Apply a background of your choice. At this time you can add words or graphics or both. Let your creativity run free. Design the same number of these as the number of coin rolls you have prepared.

4. Print out the above tags you designed. Cut apart. Antique them if you desire and distress the edges. Allow to dry.

5. Apply adhesive to the back of the tags. (I used my Xyron). Center and adhere to your coin roll. Set aside.

6. Back at your computer make another box shape the same size as before (3.25”W x 1.25”H). Add an inspirational quote or saying or you could use a graphic. Another time to let your creativity run free. Center it on your tag. You need to leave a blank space on the left upper corner for when you punch your coin roll to put together with the loose leaf ring. Also there must be a space on the right side of this tag to punch a hole to attach your metal rim tag.

7. Print out the tags, cut apart and antique. Distress ink the sides.

8. With a hand punch or crop-a-dile punch a hole on the right hand side of the tag. You can either insert an eyelet here or use a hole re-enforcer.

9. Take the metal ring tags and you can do one of two things; antique them on both sides and stamp them with a small rubber stamp. Or in your graphics program make a circle and insert a graphic. You will need to resize the circle to 1.15”. Print out two per tag (one for each side) punch out with a 1 inch circle punch, antique them.

10. If you are printing a circle with a graphic you will need to remove the split ring from the metal tag. Apply adhesive to the back of your punched out circle with the graphic on it and affix to your tag. Using a small hand punch or crop-a-dile punch a hole in your tag; put the split rings back on each tag.

11. Take your quote tag and attach your metal tag in the hole you punched on the right hand side of the tag.

12. In the top left hand corner of your coin roll punch a hole, make sure your quote tag is not inside so you do not punch a hole in it by accident. (Ask me how I know this!)

13. Take a loose leaf ring (Wal-Mart has them in the office supply area) and put it through all your coin rolls. Insert your quote tags into the coin rolls. Add fibers, ribbon, twine or whatever type of embellishment you like to your loose leaf ring.

Congratulations! You have made a coin roll tag book.

I used a red and white checkered background from Cheryl’s monthly club clipart and Heavenly Angels clipart and a couple of singles for the example I show in this tutorial.

Thank you for asking me to share my coin roll tag book with you as a part of the COTM forum. Enjoy creating one!!!