Altered Easter Journal

1 Mead Composition Notebook (Wal-Mart sells them for .97 cents)
2 sheets of 8.5" x 11" Full sheet White Sticker Paper (I get mine at Staples)
Piece of Ribbon (approx. 32")
Exacto Knife

1. Open up your graphics program (I use Printmaster16)
2. Insert your choice of background and fill the entire page with the background. (I used Cheryl’s Background Graphics 2-2206/BG4)
3. Choose your graphic and insert on top of your background. Resize if needed (approx. 5" x 7.25"). (I used Cheryl’s Bonus 2-2007/Annie3 graphic)
4. Insert Text Box and using your choice of font, type the words “Easter Blessings” and center the text. (I used Freebooter Script)
5. Print out 2 copies.

6. When you print, your paper will have a white border. On the sheet that you are using for your front cover, trim off the white excess on the *left* side only.
7. Turn your journal sideways so the binding is parallel to your chest. Remove the backing from the sticker sheet and carefully apply the sticker to the front side of your journal starting at the black binding and work your way over to the rest of the journal.
8. Flip journal over and using your Exacto knife, trim off the excess sticker paper.
9. Take your 2nd printed sheet and trim off the excess white on the *right* side only.
10. Repeat step #7 and step #8.
11. Open the cover of your journal and evenly slip in your piece of ribbon. Tuck it in all the way to the binding on the left. Grab both ends of the ribbon, gather them together and tie into a knot and then into a bow.