Cardstock Purse Directions





3 sheets of patterned card stock in 2 coordinating designs.

(I use backgrounds from Raggedy Scrappin and print both sides of my card stock. This gives a nicer finish to the inside of my purse but is optional.)

1 sheet for front and back of purse, handle

1 sheet for sides

1 sheet for purse flap

Raggedy Scrappin graphics of choice

Double sided tape

Self-stick Velcro

Foam tape (I use this to make my graphics dimensional)

Coordinating brads (2) for purse handle



Laminator (optional)

Dry erase marker


1/16 hole punch

Scoring tool

Bone folder



Laminate the side of the cardstock that will be the outside of your purse.

Use my photos to create a pattern.

Cut pattern pieces out of patterned card stock. Remember to cut 2 sides and a front and back piece. Cut 1 purse flap and handle. Transfer solid lines with a dry erase marker.

Score and fold on all the solid lines. Wipe off dry erase lines.

Open your graphic program and size your graphics to fit the front of your purse. I make several copies of my graphic so that I can make it dimensional. I also laminate these. Cut out your graphics and adhere to the front / back of your purse with foam tape or double sided stick tape.


To Assemble Purse:

Tape the purse flap piece to the inside top edge of 1 of the front/back pieces

Purse top and flap


Purse back





(Side piece )

Tape one of the side tabs to the inside edge of the back piece. Attach the remaining tab to the front piece of purse. Repeat this process for the other side.

In the picture to the left, you can see the side pieces taped to the back of the purse. Fold in the side bottom flaps and tape, fold in the back flap, tape and last fold the front bottom flap and tape.



Cut a handle 9-1/2 X out of laminated cardstock. Using small pieces of double stick tape, attach the ends of your handle to the top of the purse flap. (Refer to photo for placement) Using a 1/16 hole punch, punch through both the handle and the top flap, from edge of handle, and secure with a brad. Repeat for other side.


Attach self stick Velcro to the inside of your purse flap to make a closure for your purse. Embellish as you wish. Fill with goodies and share with a friend.