Coffee Filter Book



#4 cone coffee filters (Natural Brew Brand)
Paper cutter
Cardstock/scrapbook paper Hole punch or cropadile
Rubber stamps for embellishing
Adhesive (glue or tape runner)
Sewing machine for embellishing
Binder rings
Stamp pad (coordinate color with your project)
Raggedy Scrappin© Graphics

Decide how many filters you are going to use for your book. Each filter counts as 2 pages (front & back, creates 1 pocket). TIP: I use cardstock to cover the filter as it makes a sturdier base to work with as the filters are delicate.

Take the larger filter template provided and trace onto cardstock or scrapbook paper the number you need to cover each front and back of the filters. (If you are using patterned paper remember to flip the template over so that on the backside of your filter the pattern runs in the correct direction). Cut out all your traced pieces and lay aside.

Take the smaller template (labeled insert) and trace the same number of these as you did of the large template. I used a different color of cardstock as I was going to place Raggedy Scrappin© graphics as the focus of each page of the book and wanted them to stand out.

Now start creating the insert of your first page. (I took the insert piece for each page and zigzagged around them with my sewing machine). You can also leave them plain if you choose. When finished with all the inserts lay them aside.

Next decide which of the Raggedy Scrappin© graphics you are going to use on your pages. I chose a Valentine theme.

Open your graphics program. I opened a new blank 3 x 4 inch square and filled with a background and the added the graphic that I chose. Resized approximately to 2 x 3 inches. When I had them all designed, I printed and cut them apart. Rounded all the corners and inked the edges with a Color Box© cats eye (stamp pad) using a warm red color


Using scrapbook adhesive or glue affix the graphic on each of your inserts.

Again, using your adhesive adhere your insert (the one with the graphic on it) to your cardstock piece you earlier cut out. Do this to the front and back of each filter.

Next add embellishments, ribbons, eyelets, charms, prima flowers, brads. Do this before you adhere to the filter so not to punch through the filter with eyelets or brads thus losing the use of the pocket of the filter. Now you have your cardstock with the graphic adhered to the insert and the insert adhered to your cardstock. Ink the edges all the way around your cardstock. (I used Distress Ink in the vintage photo color.)

Adhere your cardstock piece to the coffee filter. When done lay aside.

On to making the pocket inserts, (where you can place photos if you choose). Take the template insert and trace onto the cardstock, cut out. You can stitch around them with your sewing machine or leave plain. Ink the edges if you chose. I used foam stamps to put double hearts in the middle of each insert.

Take a piece of ribbon (2-3 inches) and fold in half and angle them and staple or use a brad to fasten to the edge of each pocket insert. These will be used to remove the insert from the pocket of each filter page. Lay aside when done.

Take the template labeled Front/Back cover and trace 2 for the front and 2 for the back out of cardstock. (I doubled them to make a nice sturdy cover for the book.)
Take one of the front pieces and embellish. If you stitch on it, stitch prior to putting the two pieces together so you don’t see the back of the stitching on the inside cover of the book. When done embellishing, use your adhesive to adhere the two front cover pieces together. Then do the same to the back cover pieces.

Next, take the front cover and punch two holes where you will be inserting your binder rings to hold your book together.
Lay the cover over your first page and line up with the small end of the covered filter. With a pencil trace your holes onto the page under the cover. Continue doing this to the remainder of the pages until you have them all marked. Punch the holes with your hand punch or cropadile.

When all pages are punched insert your binder rings.

Slide the pocket inserts into each one of your pockets. Cut varying lengths of coordinating ribbons and tie them onto your binder rings.

Finished Book













You have now made a coffee filter book. It can be used as a photo album or I used it for a retirement party at work for everyone to sign their best wishes in and I put pictures of each department on the pocket inserts, what a wonderful remembrance keepsake.