Decorative Clock Tutorial


Turn This:

Into This:


Plastic Clock (these can be found at Wal-Mart near the candle and lights section for only $4.98 or at a store like Dollar General).
Double Sided Tape


1. Save the printable clock graphic to your computer and open in either a paint or print program. Depending on your program and the size of your clock, you may have to adjust the size of your printout. I would suggest doing a test printout on regular paper in gray scale to make sure you have the perfect size.

2. Once you have the perfect size, you then want to print off your clock graphic on cardstock and cut out. You want to make a small circle cut out where the hands will go.

3. Take the plastic clock and carefully remove clear plastic covering. This is easiest done by using a butter knife and sort of popping up the cover.

3. CAREFULLY remove the clock face. Do this by gently removing the hands. Pay very close attention to how they were placed on the center rod as you will want to replace them in the exact order when you are done. When you take them off, it's a good idea to put them on the table just as they came off without flipping them over. This way you have them just as you want them when you go to place them back on.

4. Remove the paper clock face that came with the clock.

5. Take your new printed clock face and put double sided tape on the back. I usually do a piece at top, bottom and each side and one in the middle. Then insert it into the clock making sure to align the #'s in the correct position (the # 12 at top, see back of clock to determined top of clock).

6. Gently replace the hands and put the clear cover back on.

And now you have a Great looking clock!

Tip: To help find the size of your clock face, after you have removed the paper clock face that came with the clock, measure it side to side and use that size for printing.