How To Make Grungy Tags

Materials Needed:
1/2 c. Instant Coffee
3 c. hot water
Glass Bowl
Paper Towels
Manilla Tags
Dinner Plate

1. In your glass bowl, mix 3 c. of hot water with 1/2 c. of instant coffee. Stir with spoon and let sit for 20 minutes.

2. Take a handful of tags (10) and insert them into your coffee stain mixture so that your tags are standing up. Let them soak for a minute and then reposition the tags so that they are standing on their sides. Keep this process going until all 4 sides of your tags have been soaked. Then take your tag and dip the entire tag into the stain.

3. Arrange your tags on your dinner plate (as if you were making a cheese platter). Some of the tags can overlap each other. To create lines on your tags, drape the jute string on top of the tag.

4. Put your dinner plate and tags into your microwave for 2 minutes.

5. With your potholder, remove the plate and take your tags off and place them on a sheet of paper towels. Be careful: your plate with be hot!

6. Want to make your tags extra grungy? Redip your tags back into the coffee stain and repeat the process until you achieve the look that you like!

**Instead of using a microwave, you may put your tags on a cookie sheet and into your oven on broil. Be sure to watch your tags!! It will take maybe a minute for them to dry!

**I buy all of my manilla tags at Staples. You can buy them in bulk there. You can use any kind/brand of instant coffee. You can even add some vanilla extract to your coffee stain to give your tags a sweet smell.