Jiffy Popcorn Topper Tutorial

Turn This:

Into This:

Finished Jiffy Popcorn created by: Kraft Outlet
These are an easy, fast, and inexpensive gift! Great for the office co-workers, children's classmates, post master, school bus driver, etc.


Jiffy Pop Popcorn (these are only $1.00 at Target & Wal-Mart)
Homespun or other type of material/ribbon for bow on handle
Jiffy Popcorn Topper Printable (get one FREE Here)


1. Save the printable to your computer and open up in a paint program and print off on cardstock (depending on your paint program and printer, you may need to adjust the size so that the circle fits into the Jiffy Pop).

2. Cut the circle out and fit into the Jiffy Pop container by uncrimping the edges and inserting the cardstock and recrimping the edges back to hold it into place. You want to make sure to keep the original circle there as well and just place your cardstock over it.

3. Tie a piece of homespun (or other material/ribbon) to the handle of the Jiffy Popcorn. And you are set to go!

An Easy, Fast, and Inexpensive Gift Idea!

Tip: You can also print a tag off and tie to the handle as a gift tag.

Special thanks to Prim Doodles www.primdoodles.com
for the use of their tutorials.