Legal Pad Cover


These instructions are for the legal pad cover(regular size you find everywhere, you can adjust the measurements if you want to make a cover for a small one.

5" 1/2 X 10" 1/2 Piece of paper (scrapbooking or any printed paper
9" x 10 1/2" piece of paper (scrapbooking or any printed paper
8 1/2 x11" 3/4 legal pad
8" 1/2 x 10 3/4 Piece of chipboard
1" x 8 1/2 piece of chipboard
12" x 1/2 strip of paper(scrapbooking or any printed paper)
Bookplate and brads (optional) I used making memories plates found at Michael's
8 1/4 x 11 1/2 piece of cardstock
2 piece prong fastener(found at office depot,staples etc)
Xyron machine if possible

cordless or hand drill (I got the Fiskars one at Michaels)
Paper trimmer
Push pad
2 Hole punch

First adhere 2 scrapbooking paper lenghtwise, overlapping 1/2" to create one large 14" x 10 1/2 sheet

Apply the adhesive to one side of both chipboard pieces. Center and adhere pieces to the back of the paper. **Make sure you leave a 1/16"
space in between the small and large piece.

Apply adhesive or double sided tape around the entire perimeter. Treat the chipboard as one sheet and wrap the paper around the chipboard, as if you were wrapping a gift or covering a book.

Adhere the 12 x 1/2 piece of paper to front of cover, over paper seam and wrap end around edges.

If you decide to use the book plate you can print a title with your printer and adhere it behind the bookplate. Position the bookplate and pierce holes for the brads.

Adhere the piece of cardstock to the underside of chipboard cover.

Now you are going to bend the cover where the large and small chipboard meet, making a crease.

You can put the prong fastener on top of the small chipboard piece and mark the 2 holes with your pencil. Using a paper punch, punch the 2 holes (if you have a 2 hole punch it is even easier) . Now place the punched cover over the pad and mark placement for holes on the pad.

With your drill, drill the holes through the pad. Push the fastener ends through the holes in the pad and cover and fasten together.
And you are done!